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R&D projects

Inbetween projects and in the evening hours, Objectivation does a number of small scale research and development (R&D) projects. These projects are primarily driven by curiosity and fun. There are about ten small projects, this page shows a small number of them.
The status of all projects is R&D; all projects are unfinished prototypes. At present it is unclear whether they will be finished at all. If there is enough interest in one of the projects, I may release it as an open-source project. Otherwise, should you have commercial interest in one of the projects, do not hesitate to contact me.

Argento - Art Generation Tool

Is it possible to generate art, or are images that are generated by software non-art by definition? Whether it is possible or not is an interesting question, but not suitable for this -overly pragmatic- website.
Argento is an exploration tool in the generation of abstract images, whereby the user can interact in the image generation process.
Argento is NOT yet another photoshop implementation; there are more than enough very capable tools in that area.
Argento does not manipulate images, Argento creates them. From what? you might ask. Well, more or less from scratch. Argento generates compositions of abstract components using a number of heuristics. Read more about it here.

MUG - Music Generator

MUG does for music what Argento does for the visual arts; it generates music!
MUG is an interactive Music generator; it generates MIDI notes and sends them realtime to either hardware instruments or softsynts. Currently MUG is under development.

Cellular Automata

Cellular Automata is another fascinating area of research that I have explored for a bit in the last few years.

ANNIE - A Neural Network Interaction Environment

During my university study Artificial Intelligence I followed a semester course in Neural Networks by Joost Kok. I found the subject to be very interesting, yet it was rather theoretical (as is often the case with university courses).
Years later, after having mastered programming skills, I decided to implement these neural network theories in Java.
Both because I wanted to program something different than yet another Struts action class, and because I wanted to learn more about neural networks. The yet unfinished result is Annie
Cellular Automata are simple mathematical models in which cells are layed out in a row or in a grid (one and two-dimensional cellular automata). More info on a small tool that explores CAs can be found here.

Other stuff

Other small projects not described here are an implementation of decision tree induction algorithms ID3 and C4.5, a program that can solve cryptograms (it's not very good -yet-), a tool (similar to Annie) to interact with Genetic Algorithms,
some small tools to do MIDI stuff (e.g. generate patches for Waldorf Micro-Q synthesizer).

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