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Since December 2007 I am working (part-time) on the Parelsnoer project. I am doing design and work on the XML Schema definition. Later on I will built a central information processing hub.
Since the end of May until present I am working for CINOP on the Elektronisch Leerdossier (or Electronic Education File). . In this project I am the only developer, responible for all development activities, and also for all deployments and troubleshooting.
At cameramanager.com I worked on load-balancing and I did a small audit.
At transavia.com , I have been working on the implementation of an entire travel e-commerce web site. The web site consists of offering of airline tickets, hotel bookings and car rentals.
At Postbank I worked on the development of several J2EE applications. Furthermore I worked on the deployment of several J2EE applications in a large Websphere environment.
At Dutch Energy supplier Nuon I worked on improving the software development process and built some small admin applications in J2EE and Struts.
I have done several projects for @Home (Essent Kabelcom) in two seperate tour of duties; one in 2003 and one in 2005. For @Home I rebuilt an entire CRM system connected to a provisioning system. In my second round I worked on a vast framework for authentication and authorisation.
ING, Internationale Nederlanden Groep
At the end of 2004 I did a small project for the corporate wholesale division of ING Bank . At ING Bank I built an extension to an existing Risk Rating system.
At UPS Supply Chain Solutions I worked on a large warehouse management and logistics management system for a large customer of UPS.
KLM, Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij
At Dutch airline KLM I have worked on the deployment and troubleshooting of a suite of web applications. All web applications were built in Java and ran (and still do) on IBM WebSphere 3.5 or Websphere 4.
Nauta Dutihl
For the largest law firm in the Netherlands Nauta Dutihl I worked on several components of the corporate Intranet. The realization of this Intranet was realized by an Amsterdam based Internet company called Badjo.
During the summer of 2001 I worked on the realization of the Instant Messaging or Chat application for the Nokia Game 2001. This chat application was implemented using a Jabber server and a dedicated Java applet.
Bibit Internet Payments
For Bibit Internet Payments, I did development for their on-line payment transaction system.
KPN, Koninklijke PTT Nederland
For KPN Research, the Research department of Dutch Telecom operator KPN, I have conducted a feasibility study on the applicability of object-oriented databases and XML data stores in web portals. For this study I built several small prototypes.
Ticketing Solutions
For Ticketing Solutions I have built several payment gateways between the Ticketing Solutions payment system and a number of European payment gateways.
The Financiële Telegraaf
At the largest Dutch newspaper de Telegraaf I worked on the realization of the web site of the financial section of the newspaper: Financiële Telegraaf. My main concerns on this project was the realization of the interactive chart applet and the chart image generator. The chart image generator generates GIF images of chart of stock quotes (both daily charts and historic charts). The images and the applet can still be found on the DFT web site.
ANWB, Algemene Nederlandsche Wielrijders-Bond
For the Media department of the ANWB (the Dutch association for cyclists and car drivers) I did graphic design for a website.

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