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Generating Music with MUG

In a recent small R&D project I built a prototype in Java to create music by software. That's right, the aim is not to create music *with* software (using a piece of software like Sonar, Cubase, Protools etc.) but to let the software itself create the musical structures.
The idea of generating music by non-human means is not new. Mozart used to play with the idea of composing music using a dice. Given a note within a musical structure, the next note was 'calculated' using a dice and the existing knowledge on chords.
Music Generator

Music lends itself rather well for mechanical composition; there are many well-defined structures within the musical domain. Notes combine into chords, rythm is constrained by time signatures, and compositions consist of building blocks like intro's, choruses, bridges etc.
The idea quickly jumps into mind to create variations on these structures and create new music by tinkering with existing musical conventions and constraints.
For the development of MUG I received a subsidy from the Dutch department for Economic Affairs ( a so-called WBSO subsidy).

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