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Apache Jakarta site
Jakarta is part of the Apache Software Foundation, and is an incubator for many innovations in Java and J2EE. Many products and libraries originate from here; examples are Struts, Tomcat, Log4J, the Commons libraries etc. All software from Jakarta is open source, and many software components become a standard over the years.
The Server Side site
The Server Side is one of the main independent sites on J2EE technology. You can find a lot of interesting things here; reviews, columns, howto's. One of the more striking features is its 'Application Server Matrix', a systematic overview of the main J2EE app. servers.
Java World site
Java World is a very good portal on Java technology; it has excellent columns and tutorials. If you want to get up to speed on of the many Java technologies, check out this site.
W3C site
The World Wide Web Consortium is basically a compilation of alphabet soup. It is the place on the web to find specifications of HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS etc.
O'Reilly XML.com site
XML is a very interesting technology which will probably have a lot of influence on the way we think about structuring and exchanging data. There are a number of good websites on XML.
The O'Reilly xml.com site has a lot of tutorials, whitepapers etc.

IBM alphaWorks
IBM alphaWorks is a walhalla for software developers. Many resources on XML (and many other groovy technologies, such as Java, wireless, web services).
SemanticWeb.org site
The Semantic Web is a grand effort originating from Tim Berners-Lee (a.k.a. the inventor of the World Wide Web) in which computers communicate with each other to exchange data and knowledge using standard data formats. To realise this huge effort, a plethora of standards have been developed (many of them are XML implementations), and many standard are still under development. A number of these standards include RDF, OIL, DAML etc. The semanticweb.org portal is a good starting point for the wealth of standards, specifications and other information on the semantic web.
MIT CS and AI Lab
Artificial Intelligence is one of my long time research interests. I studued it extensively on university, and once in a while I roam the Internet to check out what people have come up with. One of the Mekka's of AI has always been the famous MIT Lab.

Computer Art

Manfred Mohr
Manfred Mohr has been creating art with computer algorithms for years.
Casey Reas
Casey Reas is also a computer art wizard.
Bitforms is art gallery in NYC that specialises in art created with 'new media'. The computer is one of these new media.
Eelco den Heijer music site
I have a small site with some of my music.
Hilde Brouwer, independent HRM professional
The best HRM professional in the Netherland....
Abel den Heijer
The most beautiful little person on earth....(in Dutch, but mostly pictures)

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