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About Objectivation

Over the last decade, the process of software engineering has become increasingly more complex. Information systems become bigger, more complex, and have to connect to other information systems.

Vital in today's software engineering process is the demand to build information systems that are reliable, secure and flexible. These demands are especially enforced by the growing need to do business over the Internet.
There are several ways to achieve reliability, security and flexibility in software engineering, but all the ways have one thing in common: object orientation.
Objectivation is a one man company specialized in
  • Object technology in general
  • Java, Spring, Hibernate, Enterprise JavaBeans, and all other members of the J2EE technology stack
  • HTML, XML, XSLT, Cascading Style Sheets and other Internet technologies
  • Web services, Service-Oriented Architecture ( SOA) and Enterprise Service Bus ( ESB)
  • Web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX, Mashups, RSS etc.
  • Semantic Web technologies such as search technology, agent technologies, RDF , OWL etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence, especially Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms.

On this website, you can read what Objectivation does, can do and has already done.


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