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Cellular Automata

From early on I have been fascinated by both the simplicity and complexity of cellular automata. A Cellular Automataton or CA is a simple discrete model consisting of a grid of cells, each containing a certain state. The state of each cell may change over time, whereby the state of each cell in the next generation or iteration is calculated using a set of simple rules.
The most famous CA is the Game of Life by John Conway.

My modest CA tool is an exploration tool in the world of CA; very much like ANNIE is an exploration tool for Neural Networks. In my first prototype version I can do simulations with two-dimensional CA's. I can increase the CA field, connect the outer left with the outer right (effectively making the field a cylinder), connect the top with the bottom (effectively making the field a donut). Furthermore I can do some cosmetic stuff like changing the look of one cell.
In the near future I want to add a number of features; first of all I want to add support for one-dimensional CA's (see picture for an example of a 1D CA); I want to add a kind of rule editor so you can create your own CA and play around with it, and I want to integrate CAs with Genetic Algorithms (so I can breed my own CAs).

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