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Artificial Art with Argento

All images created using Argento

As a small R&D project I have implemented a prototype that generates images. The software tool, code-named 'Argento' (for 'Art Generation Tool'), uses a number of heuristics to generate a composition of elementary image components. User interface widgets enable variation of these heuristics, so you can actually drive the generation of the art images.

The variations you can play with are the choice of the image components (stripes, circles, blobs, rectangles etc.), the choice of colour scheme (i.e. Mondriaan, De Stijl),

the number of image components, transparancy of the image components (should they overlap) etc.

The initial version of Argento used AWT and Swing to generate the images; now I mainly use Java, OpenGL and JOGL to create the images, and Swing for the user interface controls. Check out the galleries of pictures I generated using Argento.
For the development of Argento I received a subsidy from the Dutch department for Economic Affairs ( a so-called WBSO subsidy).

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